wireless charger universal for all models no need QI receiver 4 in 1

wireless charger universal for all models no need QI receiver 4 in 1

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Product Description

User Guide(Eng. T1.0)


Please read this user guide before using this equipment to ensure safe and correct to use.


  1. product accessories

  1.Micro USB cable x 1

  2.Wireless phone case

  3.Magnetic charging station

  4.Magnetic charging ring bracket

  5.Magnetic charging vehicle mount


  1. Product Specification

Input: 5V/2A

Output : 5V/1.5A

Charge efficiency: 7.5W

  Product Certification: 3C,FCC,ROSH

  Charging method: magnetic charging

  Charging Type: One to one Charging mode for the corresponding area.

  Packaging : Color box



  1. How to use

    1.Place the mobile phone in a wireless phone case.

2.Connect the Micro USB cable to the magnet wireless charger station,then place the wireless phone case on the surface of the magnet wireless charger. (Wireless phone case will auto stick with the magnetic wireless charging station)

  1. When the mobile device is fully charged,remove mobiledevice from wireless charging station





1.Patent No.201620507916.7

   2.this product realizes wireless charging function of mobile phone etc.by direct contact of magnetic and metal electrode .which is mainly composed of magnetic charging base and magnetic charging electrode on mobiles back, so it is different from ordinary wireless charger , this product does not equip a wireless emit coil and does not require the use of the wireless receiver. It does not generate situation like radiation, heat, overcharge, overheating, etc., and can be used safely. 

    3.This product is a four-in-one combination set, which can satisfy most charging requirements,This product contains a mobile phone case vehicle charger, desktop charger, stand charger, allowing you to charge anywhere, anytime.

  4.This product can support all mobile phone models, which is more convenience than ordinary wireless chargers.





  1. The desktop wireless charging base can be glued on the table with the nano glue on the bottom
  2. The handheld charging stand can be used anywhere or on the table
  3. .Car charger can be used on the air outlet of car air conditioner


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